Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reversible Knitting

It's all your fault Dawn. You mentioned reversible knitting and I couldn't help but wonder. You had to know that would happen. My overly curious brain fires off questions about everything. So what did I do, look of course. But first the ladies room was calling so I took some reading material with me, a KNITS magazine that had gotten wet in the laundry room. I thought this was a good moment to glance through it and rip out the pages I wanted and toss the rest.
 Low and behold, there was an article about reversible knitting. It had to be a sign. But disappointment followed when I learned that there was just a lot of talk and no pattern. Talk is cheap and does nothing to still my cravings. What I need is a pattern. Particularly to this hat. It is WA>>>>Y cool. 

And so in my feverish state I left the thrown room and went toodling off around on the Internet looking for reversible knits, double knits and any other words I could think of that might describe the method. I came up with a few scarf patterns that didn't interest me and one beautiful Norwegian type sweater without a pattern but nothing like this awesome hat.

I'm begging you. Where is the patterns? I'll buy a book if it has lots of great designs. No, I'm not an afghan kind of gal. I prefer quilts or this one would trip my trigger but alas I didn't find a pattern for it either.

 I want Scandinavian sweaters and cool hats done in reversible knits. Does this book exist? If so, help. My brain is on overdrive thinking how wonderful thick warm hats done in this method would be against our biting winter winds.

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  1. Oh , I like that hat, too! No pattern , huh? Is it in the book mentioned, Extreme Double-Knitting Adventures? I have yet to see that book, although it is on my wish list! I found it! (The pattern) On Ravelry :
    I'll tell you what caught my attention on double knitting and got me hooked on the technique: Gwen Steege's book "Knit Hats". There is a pattern in there for double knitted HEADBANDS...and I have made too many of those to count! I love them with wool and angora-so warm on the ears! Anyway, MS. Steege has a good description of the technique and that is where I learned how. I then went on to the book "Notes on Double Knitting" I am like you, though; I like double knitted head gear and maybe some mittens, but little else seems to turn my crank. OH-other than "knitting one sock inside of the other" double knitting!