Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Fall Project Bag Fabrics

 THINK FALL. Oh how I long for it's cool temperatures and sweatshirts. Yes, I love, love, love, love, them. I've inherited it. My dad loves sweatshirts and sweatshirt weather too. It's my favorite thing to have it not too cold and not too hot so I can spend hours outside comfortably. Something our area doesn't know much about.

We occasionally get a short fall, though without the profusion of beautiful colored leaves because well, we haven't got hardly any trees, an essential ingredient to fall beauty. And spring, well in our country it springs from winter to summer with hardly an interim.

As for winter, I don't like extremely cold weather but I can at least put more clothes on and turn up the heat.

Hot ole summer, well it is shear torture for me. I suffer with Addison's disease that HATES the heat and rivers pour off me as my body protests leaving me miserable and dehydrated despite medication.

With such a particular companion, I can't help but wish for Fall. I know it is a sin to wish time away but how can one help it when summer leaves me weak and miserable? I'd move way up north if it weren't for my beloved garden. Yup, the only good thing about summer.
But I was talking about Fall. I went into this fabric store while I was off with my hubby helping him with his demonstration at a Blacksmith Artist convention. The fabrics and cool air conditioning transported me off and for a little while I was in heaven enjoying Fall, at least through fabrics.

So if Fall is on your mind too, let me know if one of these fabrics tweaks your fancy and I'll whip up a project bag out of it just for you and I'll reserve it for you on my Etsy site so you can purchase it with a credit card or Pay Pal account.

In the first picture, the top fabric on the left has a beautiful gold thread that weaves around the leaves and will be the outside of the bag with the fabric on the right, the lining.

In the second picture, the green fabric on the bottom is the outside and the lighter fabric the liner for the sock size project bag.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hand Crocheted Lace

The blessing of our grand daughter was Sunday and her momma was beginning to panick. I hadn't started the white dress yet, which is a family tradition, and it was Friday. That is I hadn't started it until that evening when with the dress cut out and the sewing machine humming I had put put together the bodice and was  completing the sleeves. Then our oldest daughter, Toni, arrived at 7:30 with the lace.

One look and I knew I had to start over. The white white fabric I'd chose wasn't going to work with her creamy white vintage style lace. Plus, the fabric was the wrong texture. 
Hesitant as to which direction our middle dauther, the mother of the child, wan't to go, we headed on ove to her house.  The vote was unanimus that the lace stayed and the partially sewn dress went.  Who could say no to not using the gorgeous lace that took hours and hours of labor.

The skirt circumfrance is 70 inches and each sleeve is 11 inches around. That is 90 inches of  hand crocheted lace. WOW!! 
Fortunately, I had some white fabric that was just right and I began cutting once more. Saturday afternoon I had completed the dress.
 Then it acquired a "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" sydrome and I thought we just had to have some lace for around the neck. Something simple, so Toni dutifully began rapidly crocheting.

Then she hussled off under the Willow tree spreading out three towels for pinning the 92 inches of lace.
The hot dry wind made short work of the blocking project and when she came back in. I wanted a flower and a leaf. I told you it was a "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" sydrome. (For those of you who are wondering, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a children's book where a little boy gives an mouse a cookie and then he wants a glass of milk to go with it and then he wants.....and it goes on and on.

 But I couldn't help it. The dress was telling me just what it needed and it wanted lace around the neck and a flower too. LOL

So if you volunteer to make me lace, beware, I might want more.

The Winner Is...

Thought I forgot?  Nope, just challenged for time and computer. Yup, the dummys have been duped. We used a free virus protector from the Internet trying to save money as fund were a little low but as usual we lost money. A virus aimed at those using free virus protection off the Internet shut down our laptop by keeping the fan from running that cools the computer. So... we are having to sneak in now and then into the room my step-dad is using to use the desk top computer. He's good about it but it keeps me from my late night typing when I'm free for such things. LOL
Drum roll please!! Our grand daughter has chosen from the official rubbermaid container.
And the winner is.... Alica
 You have the choice of one of these lovely bags.
 Which will you choose?
I decided that the other bag should have a home too and so our grand daughter drew another name from the magic container and it is Herdog, congradulations!!!

When  Alica decides, I'll pass the other bag on to you.

e-mail me your addresses at and I'll get the project bags shipped right off.