Monday, July 2, 2012

The Winner Is...

Thought I forgot?  Nope, just challenged for time and computer. Yup, the dummys have been duped. We used a free virus protector from the Internet trying to save money as fund were a little low but as usual we lost money. A virus aimed at those using free virus protection off the Internet shut down our laptop by keeping the fan from running that cools the computer. So... we are having to sneak in now and then into the room my step-dad is using to use the desk top computer. He's good about it but it keeps me from my late night typing when I'm free for such things. LOL
Drum roll please!! Our grand daughter has chosen from the official rubbermaid container.
And the winner is.... Alica
 You have the choice of one of these lovely bags.
 Which will you choose?
I decided that the other bag should have a home too and so our grand daughter drew another name from the magic container and it is Herdog, congradulations!!!

When  Alica decides, I'll pass the other bag on to you.

e-mail me your addresses at and I'll get the project bags shipped right off.


  1. Hey, do I get a sucker too?

    I just sent an e-mail with my particulars. So excited to get one of your fun bags. Sorry it took so long to respond. Got family visiting!

    Thank you !!!! >^..^<

  2. Thanks Holly! I wasn't paying sorry! You know how life is on the farm! :) Thanks so much for your generosity. I've been admiring your handiwork from afar!