Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a Bone Head!

 Idiot at work here. Think I'm kidding. What would you call someone who was making socks toe up two at a time and used the book knitting one sock toe up instead? Yup, that is the book I had with me at the time and thinking two authors probably had somewhat the same take on the subject, I didn't stop. I kept going. I knitted the whole two gussets on two at a time toe up socks. I was wrong. Gussets done and ready to do the heel flap, the realization of my BIG boo boo stared me in the face as, home once more, I compared the two books.

Too bad, so sad but I'm not taking all those knitted rows out. It would be fifty some rows when you combine two socks for I increased from 30 stitches to 52 stitches with a 2 stitch increase ever other row.  I'm going to figure a way out of this problem if I have to do one sock flap at a time and then put back on the circular needle. That's later though, I'm spinning right now. 

I guess that is what happens when you grab and go in a hurry or grab and go and go and go. Five trips out of town, two of them ten hour trips in a week and a half and I had my socks with me but the wrong book the whole time.

I'll learn. The hard or wrong way of course for that is my M.O. Some say it makes me a good teacher. A sympathetic one anyway. I can definitely tell you that I've done worse most of the time. What a bone head. LOL Does it stop me, NEVER. I just take a break and then put my head down and keep moving. The destination has to be out there somewhere. LOL 

But I needed a bit of a break before I figured out how to get out of this mess so I've been spinning to calm my frazzled nerves. Not just the socks are jangling them. 
Out came the luxurious clouds of Blue-Leicester wool. It is what a gal at Interweave Press recommended for beginners. The wool is quite different than the typical Leicester wool. This wool has the long, long staple length but is buttery with a wonderful creamy sheen.

I have some wonderful camel down which I LOVE, LOVE but inch long fibers wasn't what I needed during a stress filled time of year so I'm so... glad I tucked away over a pound of this easy, relaxing wool to treadle my cares away.


  1. Love the post..sorry you boo-booed. Boy have I had those kind of moments. I do boo-boos!

  2. {Hugs}
    You are not a bone head, my friend. You came up with a great solution-just move them to DPN's and then transfer back to finish out the leg! I've done that before when directions are screwy (and believe me~I've tried them all and there are a LOT of patterns that completely complicate the process!). Anyway, I have no doubt your socks are going to turn out beautifully and you'll probably figure out a better way to accomplish the heel then either of these books :)

    Your spinning is beautiful!! Thanks for the tip on the Blue-Leicester roving! Someday, I am going to learn to spin and I will source some of this wool to learn on.

    Here's my next socks:
    I've wanted to do this for awhile, as I love double knitting.
    This method is just another version of 2STUML (2 socks toe up magic loop)and I think it might be easier to do a traditional gusset/heelflap heel??

    Keep smiling and moving on!


    The other method in my queue to try is Cat Bordi's Sweet Tomato Heel!!