Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jane Austen is the Style

 I have found that making the products for Etsy isn't the hard part. Getting the photography to work is. The Etsy site scrunches your photos to a square, a shape the camera doesn't operate in and I'm having difficulty getting enough light on the subject.

It just donned on me. I did have  setting to change for the kind of lights you use. Maybe that will work. I don't know but the projects bags look have as good on the site as they do in person and somehow that has got to change.

I have seven Jane Austen style project bags in the works with four complete so if that is your style keep checking back on my Etsy site to see what's new.

And as for feed sack bags well, I have an addition to our family. I brought her home yesterday when I was having our goats appraised for correctness of conformation. This is Madelyn or I think that is how her name will be spelled. She is not registered yet but will soon be. That means one more of our doelings will have to be sold to make room for her. The limit has been decided upon four does. I think that is quite enough for me to milk morning and night.

This of course means we will have more feed sacks than ever to make into bags. Doesn't it seem like one thing always leads to another?


  1. I understand the frustration with Etsy! Yup, I do!

    Madelyn is beautiful!

  2. OH! And I really like your bags!