Monday, May 7, 2012

Ivory Leaf Button

I'm in love with this button. It combines two of my favorite things, ivory and leaves. When I photographed it on this rich brown alpaca, I was so..... tempted to tuck it away and use it with this yarn. You never would have known I wasn't willing to share.

I had to tell myself, "Holly, you can make more. Now get a grip." It's true. I do have some more white Wooly Mammoth ivory chunks that I can make another leaf button from so I guess I'll live, barely though. LOL

You saw the earlier blog where I was grinding the piece of ivory. The one where I lost small chunks of skin. I'm proud to say, the last few times I've used the belt grinder, no flesh has been lost in the pursuit of buttons.

I left you hanging at this stage. I was waiting for my mentor to have a little time to teach me a lesson and show me where he hides his little files and tools. Mainly, show me where he hides his tools. Though it probably was best I didn't know where they were because it kept me from using the wrong one in my impatience to work on this button.  
To create the leaf's vein lines, we decided to try a checkering tool. It worked great, especially in his hands. He'd worked out all the technique tricks but he was willing to share. I wasn't quite so skilled but then practice makes perfect as they say and I plan on using this tool many more times. 

Now I'm off and running on another leaf project. I've downloaded lots of drawing of leaves off the Internet to give me inspiration and I'm looking through my small bits of ivory. What leaf shape would work best with each piece according to the ivory's configurations and coloring.

This could become addicting if time would only allow.

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