Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yarn on Sale For a Reason

 I saw this yarn and thought wow, a great price, half off of course, and bought up all four skeins of it.
 You know it. It was marked down for a reason.
The yarn doesn't have enough twist and when you knit or crochet, as I tested it with in this photo, the yarn comes unraveled significantly. That means I really have to watch it when I knit to make sure all the tiny strands in the ply are pulled through on each stitch with the needle. I tried a few stitches with crochet as well as knitting because I wanted to know if by chance the yarn would handle better with crochet. 

Yarn spun in different manners gives you a more open or closed look depending on whether you crochet it or knit. If I'm confusing you, you should check out the blog by Interweave Press to learn about yarn twists. But know this, most yarns are spun with a knitter in mind and that yarn will come untwisted more when you crochet than knit. Though there are some patterns calling for specific yarns with a certain twist pattern. Curious, check out this blog and learn more about yarn twists.

Next week I'll tell you about where to find this pattern. Meantime, know that I've learned my lesson, if it is on sale, check first to see why. Don't let colors and price cloud sensibility.

I will be out of Internet coverage for the next few days but know I'll be thinking of you.

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  1. I love the color of the yarn though. With the basket-weave design of that scarf it will be really cool